NJ Environmental Lobby Member Organizations

Citizens United to Protect the Maurice River -
Watershed conservation in South Jersey. See the education section's 300 page teacher's curriculum, which helps teachers interpret the NJ Delaware Bayshore region.

ANJEC is a statewide organization that provides leadership, education, and support for environmental commissions and other local boards and public officials, and partners with other organizations to advocate for strong state and regional environmental policy.

South Jersey Land and Water Trust -
SJLWT works to preserve and protect farmland, open space and critical habitats within South Jersey. In addition, SJLWT assist land owners and municipalities in the farmland and open space preservation process.

SandyHook SeaLife Foundation -
SSF vision - comprehensive public support for the protection of our endangered marine environment

SSF mission - to promote marine conservation through solutions-based education, volunteerism and political action.

SSF focus - the status of highly migratory predators (sharks, swordfish, tuna and billfish), sustainable fisheries and marine animal populations.

SSF philosophy - Your choices matter! www.sandyhooksealife.org

Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. -
Provides representation for the natural living resources of the Hackensack River. This representation is manifested in the Hackensack environmental advocacy, education and conservation programs. The focus of Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. is to protect and defend the environmental quality of the eco-system of the estuary, river and watershed and the quality of life for the people and other creatures that inhabit the Hackensack River watershed.

Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. will carry out its mission through a combination of both formal and informal environmental education projects focused on raising the level of awareness and sensitivity of the people of the Hackensack River watershed. Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. also advocates the responsible restoration and conservation of the various fish and wildlife habitats that exist within the watershed.